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      BRL-C series of ultrasonic heat meter

      CLR-C series ultrasonic heat meter is based on absorbing and using the reference of foreign advanced technology and research results, and according to the specific situation in China and the development of theindependent

      Intellectual property rights of the new generation of heat meter, which is designed to meet the existing industrystandard "Chinese C J 1 28-2007" technical requirements. Its components include: the flow sensor, the temperature sensor and the integrator. With optical and M-bus data transmission function.

      BRL-C series of ultrasonic heat meter

      The working principle of:

      BRL-C series of ultrasonic heat meter (cold) is composed of a flow sensor, computer and pairing temperature sensor, its working principle is: the pipeline will be pairing temperature sensor are respectively arranged in the heat exchange loop entrance and exit, the flow sensor is installed at the entrance or exit tube; flow sensor to collect the water flow and a flow signal pairing temperature sensor, the temperature signal to the entrance and exit, calculator (also called integrator) collected from the flow sensor and the temperature sensor signal, after calculation, showing the release of heat carrier fluid from the inlet to the outlet of the energy value.

      The basic performance:

      1, the use of temperature sensor PT1000 to measure the number of high degree, resolution 0.01.

      2, the calculator using MSP430 low power mcu.

      3, thermal dynamic correction coefficient K.

      4, with a total working time, battery undervoltage tip (<3.0V), fault information and other functions.

      5, a remote transmission meter reading function.

      6, the static power dissipation of <10uA.

      7, the battery life of >8 years.

      8, can be installed horizontally or vertically in the water inlet, should advance with the manufacturer's instructions.

      The main technical parameters: