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      Application of fan coil unit centralized control system

      Application of fan coil unit centralized control system

      System overview:

      Network type fan coil central control system, to solve the blind area of the building automation systemmanagement for a long time, can be achieved by the control center (software) of each building, each floor,each fan coil of the operating state of the remote centralized monitoring, control; in the hotel, office buildings and office buildings, the the host computer can realize remote start / stop the fan coil unit, set the roomtemperature, forced shutdown, lock screen, thus the greatest degree of saving energy consumption, building energy conservation.

      Network type fan coil central control system and can be combined with the energy meter, can realize the air conditioner metering, billing, the characteristics of high accuracy, almost maintenance free, for the use ofcentral air conditioning by "for how and how much" to the "how much for how many" this change provides the basis, reflects the on-demand use, according to the amount of charge, "more pay, less pay less", "how much"of the basic principle of charging. It can not only make the property management department in charge ofevidence-based, reduce property management work, improve the work efficiency of the Property Management Company, at the same time, improve the accuracy of accounting work, rationality, can also guide the user toestablish a correct concept of consumption, prompting the user to save energy, reduce the work load of the central air conditioning system, extend the use of equipment life, reduce operating costs, achieve the dual effect of increasing burden.