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      BV3200-65 valve body

      BV-3200 series screw valve actuator with BQ3000/BQ3300/3305 supporting the use of cold, hot water, can regulate the flow, BV-3200 control valve is widely used in central air conditioning, heating the fluid, water treatment, industrial processing industry control system.

      BV3200-65 valve body

      The connection thread: GB/T7036.1 national standard cylindrical internal thread

      The diameter range: DN15... ND65

      If the leak rate: the medium temperature: +2 degrees to 170 degrees

      The flow characteristics: equal percentage or linear (selection)

      The valve body pressure: 1.6Mpa

      Stem sealing: V type sealing + stainless steel

      The valve body material: brass, bronze casting forging

      Stem material: 1CR18NI9 stainless steel (AISI302)

      The operating temperature: -10 to 70 DEG C

      The storage temperature: -20 to 85 DEG C



      Through the valve is connected with the drive parameters